Dubai Holidays Packages

Dubai holiday packages catered pro travel experience to help you explore and stay in incredible city of Dubai. Our Dubai holiday packages offer a perfect mix of modern and traditional experience. Why not book with us to spend your glorious moments in Dubai.

3 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
4 Night Tour3 Star

3 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£495/ PP view detail
4 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
4 Night Tour4 Star

4 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£495/ PP view detail
4 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
7 Night Tour4 Star

4 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£559/ PP view detail
5 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
4 Night Tour5 Star

5 Star 4 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£559/ PP view detail
3 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
7 Night Tour3 Star

3 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£569/ PP view detail
3 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
10 Night Tour3 Star

3 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£629/ PP view detail
4 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
10 Night Tour4 Star

4 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£629/ PP view detail
5 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
7 Night Tour5 Star

5 Star 7 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£675/ PP view detail
3 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
12 Night Tour3 Star

3 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£689/ PP view detail
4 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
12 Night Tour4 Star

4 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£695/ PP view detail
5 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
10 Night Tour5 Star

5 Star 10 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£789/ PP view detail
5 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package
12 Night Tour5 Star

5 Star 12 Nights Dubai Holidays Package

DubaiFree Cancellation Cancel your booking at any time
£859/ PP view detail

Dubai Holidays

Dubai is a famous city in the United Arab Emirates and a popular tourist destination. Tourists arriving in the region with their Dubai holidays packages experience a unique blend of modernity and tradition upon their arrival as Dubai houses a diverse culture and tradition. 

With over two million inhabitants, Dubai experiences a hot climate throughout the year. However, the humidity is high in the summer months with temperatures reaching 40 °C or more. On the other hand, the coldest winter month experiences a temperature as low as about 15 °C only. That’s why holidays for Dubai are widely opted for during the winter months by most travelers to the region.

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai doesn’t have an oil-based economy, rather it heavily relies upon its tourism. That’s why you will see hundreds of architectural and engineering marvels with holidays in Dubai featuring the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. 

In addition, The Dubai Mall is a famous spot for shopping as many luxury and designer brands from across the world are present here. If you want to explore the cultural gems of the city with your package holidays Dubai, you can go to the historic Al Fahidi District. Enjoy thrilling desert safaris, relax on pristine beaches like Jumeirah, immerse yourself in Dubai's diverse culinary scene, attend the Dubai Shopping Festival, and opt for Ski Dubai and Legoland. In short, everything you can imagine for a quality holiday time can easily be found here.

Dubai for holidays stands all because of the city's luxurious hotels, innovative attractions, and diverse tourism atmosphere overall, making it a popular travel choice.

So, book your all-inclusive holidays in Dubai with the best travel and accommodation arrangements offered by Flight to Dubai and get on board for a journey of a lifetime.

All-inclusive holidays to Dubai

If you are looking for the best-priced yet qualitative all-inclusive holidays to Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. Flight to Dubai offers a unique blend of affordability and luxury for your travel needs in Dubai. Our all-inclusive holidays Dubai come in a range of options; from 3-star cheap Dubai holidays to 7-star luxury holidays to Dubai. So that you can choose between them as per your individual budget constraints and preferences. 

Dubai holidays all-inclusive typically cover your accommodation, meals at the hotel's restaurants, return flights, visas and sometimes snacks as well. If you are opting for a Dubai luxury holidays travel package, it often includes airport transfers for a hassle-free arrival and departure in addition to the fitness facilities, spa services, or guided tours. The other exclusive services may also include private transportation, and travel insurance along with flights and hotel bookings with renowned names in the region.

Family holidays in Dubai all inclusive may offer supervised children's programs and access to facilities such as pools and private beaches. Guided tours to Dubai's popular attractions, adventure trips as well as recreational trips are also a part of Dubai all-inclusive holidays with Flight to Dubai. 

However, be sure to check the details of each all-inclusive Dubai holidays package for specific offerings by Flight to Dubai i.e. inclusions and exclusions. Nonetheless, we make sure that regardless of the type of packages holidays to Dubai you book, quality services and a hassle-free experience remain guaranteed. 

Book your Dubai holiday with confidence

Flight to Dubai is the name that you can trust for your Dubai holidays from the UK. Serving the UK travel market for years now, we possess a team of adept professionals with a distinctive reputation in the market. Our prices are best discounted and that’s a challenge!

Specializing in packages holidays to Dubai we ensure seamless travel and accommodation services for your trip to the city whether travelling with family or friends.  Choose from the range of Dubai cheap package holidays or luxury ones that we have to offer and prebook your slot to experience it in real time. 

Need a custom travel plan? Flight to Dubai also offers personalized services for holidays in Dubai all-inclusive. So that you can travel and stay with the service providers of your choice. 

What are you waiting for? Book your best Dubai holiday packages with us today!

Best places to stay in Dubai

The best places to stay with Dubai package holidays will differ for every individual as per his/her choices, and budget. However, Flight to Dubai has narrowed down some of the best places to stay in Dubai to make your decision-making easier.

Burj Khalifa/Downtown Dubai – If you want an exclusive and luxurious experience with Dubai holidays, then you can choose to stay in the heart of the city i.e. Downtown Dubai with iconic views of the Burj Khalifa. Known for the luxury hotels and shared proximity to famous attractions, it’s an ideal place to stay with your Dubai family holidays. Palm Jumeirah – A man-made island, Palm Jumeirah also features luxury resorts and hotels with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) – JBR is a popular beachfront area among the locals as well as foreigners in Dubai offering a range of hotels, shops, and restaurants along the waterfront for your Dubai family holidays.
Dubai Marina – A blend of modern urban lifestyle is visible at Dubai Marina, surrounded by famous skyscrapers, diverse dining options, and a scenic canal nearby.

Al Maktoum Airport Area – If you want your hotel’s proximity to the airport, then Al Maktoum Airport brings a range of hotels, especially with the cheapest Dubai holiday packages yet remains well-connected to the city's attractions.
Deira – For the traditional experience of Dubai, Deira is a permanent choice to stay because it is famous for its bustling markets (also known as ‘souks’) as well as cultural sites.

Business Bay is renowned for its sophisticated stay experience near the Dubai downtown attractions as it features a lot of luxury hotels.

Al Barsha – Home to the Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha is a residential as well as a commercial area of Dubai for your stay with cheap package holidays to Dubai. It has a mix of shops, hotels, and dining options as well.
Old Dubai/Bastakiya – if you fantasize about living in the history of Dubai, then Bastakiya district (also known as ‘Old Dubai’) is where you can explore traditional architecture and cultural sites with Dubai Holidays UK.

Book your stay with cheap Dubai holidays packages of Flight to Dubai and get the best offers.

When to visit Dubai?

The best time to travel with cheap Dubai holidays packages is subjective to every traveller’s individual preferences, budget and availability of time. However, here’s a brief guide by Flight to Dubai to help you determine the ideal time for your visit to Dubai.

The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months i.e. from November to March. However, it is the peak tourist season in Dubai as well because a lot of travellers arrive through their Dubai cheap holidays packages due to pleasant weather conditions. During your travel to the city in winter, you can expect daytime temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C and attend various outdoor events such as Dubai Shopping Festival.

The Spring season brings warm temperatures in Dubai ranging up to 36°C. Therefore, if you are travelling in April or May, you can expect fewer crowds compared to the peak winter season and still enjoy a lot of outdoor activities with cheap holidays in Dubai.

Summer is an off-peak travel season for Dubai holidays package because of the scorching heat in the region with temperatures going above 40°C. Therefore, from June to September, you can opt for indoor activities and shopping in Dubai.

The Autumn season in October also brings fewer cords and pleasant weather conditions in Dubai. With a temperature ranging from 25°C to 36°C, you can easily find the cheapest Dubai holidays packages for your travel during this time.

What to pack?

For your holidays to Dubai, you must pack;

  1. Lightweight, breathable and cotton blended clothes considering the hot climate in the region. Remember to dress modestly during your stay keeping in view the religious and cultural sensitivity practiced there.
  2. Bring comfortable walking shoes for your daily use along with a pair of flip-flops
  3. Since sunlight is quite harsh during the daytime, don’t forget to pack a high SPF sunscreen, umbrella, and sunglasses when traveling with the cheapest holidays in Dubai. 
  4. Bring your necessary electronics along and pack adapters for British-style outlets.
  5. Carry your essential travel documents i.e. passport, visa, travel insurance, travel itinerary, and medical documents.
  6. If you are suffering from any choric disease or on medical treatment, bring your prescription medicines and a small first aid kit as a precautionary measure. Especially if you are travelling with last-minute holidays to Dubai.
  7. Remember to wear simple and modest attire when visiting religious sites in the region with your Dubai holidays package.
  8. Pack the items necessary for personal and oral hygiene.
  9. Remember to leave some space in your luggage in case you are planning to shop in Dubai or bring souvenirs.

Why book Dubai holidays?

As a popular tourist destination, holidays to Dubai promise a vacation experience like no other. From world-class hospitality services to never-ending options for adventures you will find everything in Dubai. That’s where Flight to Dubai holds its expertise.

Booking Dubai all-inclusive holidays to Dubai is perfect for experiencing a mix of modern luxury and cultural experiences. For instance;

Explore iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, etc.
Enjoy the historic charm of Old Dubai's souks and local shopping.
Go for thrilling desert safaris and adventures even with low-cost holidays in Dubai.
Shop in world-class malls. Such as Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, etc.
Savour diverse cuisines, local as well as international. 
Get entertainment at places like Global Village, Museum of the Future, etc. 
Enjoy sunny weather year-round on beautiful beaches through the cheapest holidays to Dubai. 
Activities for all age groups and of every type!

So, get services of Flight to Dubai for arranging your Dubai cheap packages holidays and have an overall memorable experience.

Things to do in Dubai

Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa is one of the iconic landmarks in Dubai that you must visit. You can take an elevator to the 148th floor for the breathtaking view of Dubai’s skyline; chill at the Sky Lounge as well as try virtual reality adventures. You can also explore Burj Khalifa Park with your last-minute Dubai holidays packages to catch the stunning light and sound show during the night. The ground level of Burj Khalifa houses boutiques where you can shop. 

Water sports.

Dubai remains a fantastic destination for water sports lovers as it has a lot of water adventures that you can do with Holidays in Dubai. Prominently including; jet skiing, paddleboarding, parasailing, flyboarding, kayaking, and windsurfing

Speed Tour.

Speed tours with all-inclusive holidays in Dubai offer a fast medium to do exciting adventures in the city. Taking a speedboat or jet ski you can easily go to see the landmarks like the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah along the Arabian Gulf.

Luxury Yacht.

Whether you are booking all-inclusive holidays Dubai for a romantic getaway, going for a family vacation or celebrating with friends; a luxury yacht charter in Dubai offers memorable experiences as you cruise along the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah with style.


With your holidays in Dubai, you can experience a lot of skydiving adventures as well. Jump from the sky to enjoy the scenic views of Palm Jumeirah and the desert. Additionally, try tandem skydiving if you want a safe adventure experience as you freefall in Dubai's breathtaking scenery from above. 

Spa Days.

For ultimate relaxation, spa days in Dubai are a must-try with your Dubai holidays all-inclusive. You can pamper yourself with a range of different luxury massages, facials, and wellness therapies as the city offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern spa treatments. 

Time Out Market.

For food lovers, Time Out Market is a paradise for travelling with Dubai last-minute holidays. With meals prepared by the best chefs in the world, you can choose from a range of local and international cuisines within a lively atmosphere. 

All in all, Time Out Market is the go-to spot for a quality dining experience with Dubai family holidays all-inclusive.

Enjoy all of this and much more with our exclusively designed cheapest Dubai holiday packages all inclusive and have the time of your life!

Why book with us?

ATOL Protected

Flight to Dubai is an ATOL (Air Travellers Organizer License) certified travel agency in the UK. We offer complete protection for all of the cheap Dubai package holidays as well as expensive ones. ATOL protection helps to keep your money safe, as it is a financial protection scheme for packaged holidays backed by the government of the UK. Therefore, acting as a safety net for cheap holidays to Dubai and making sure you get refunds or alternatives if you face any unforeseen incidents or financial problems during your stay. 

In addition, The Civil Aviation Authority of the UK also watches over ATOL protection for all-inclusive holidays to Dubai, ensuring that all of the rules are followed under the ATOL protection scheme. Therefore, offering peace of mind during your travels. 

Low Deposits

Flight to Dubai offers low deposit options for Dubai holidays packages deals. That means you can book your trip without paying the full amount upfront. With a small initial payment, we secure your spot for the best travel offers available while giving you more time to budget for the complete cost. So that you don't miss out on any special deals or preferred dates of your travel with cheap Dubai holidays all inclusive packages. All in all, low deposits with Flight to Dubai is a convenient option that not only makes your travel dreams more achievable but also spreads the payment over time.

Unbeatable Prices

We bring the best prices for cheap holidays to Dubai in the UK and that’s a guarantee. As a tried and tested travel agency in the UK, Flight to Dubai holds a credible record of satisfied client history; all because of the availability of cheap all-inclusive holiday to Dubai fused with top-notch services. That’s what has helped us achieve a distinctive reputation in the market. Our prices are unbeatable, explore and try it yourself!

Possess any queries related to cheap Dubai holidays? Visit our website at https://www.flighttoDubai.co.uk/ and get your answer. 

You can also get in touch with our representative over the phone by dialing 0208-126-6006 to get in-person assistance or write to us at [email protected] with your concerns.